The DEEL Reel – Is it Worth the Risk?

How do you move forward when you’re stuck? How do you find options when you don’t know what your next step should be? We often find ourselves faced with uncertainty – especially now while the world is facing such a dynamic health crisis. As educators, learning to support our students and colleagues in new territory is completely overwhelming. 

The Habits of Mind, brought to us by Dr. Bena Kalick and Dr. Arthur Costa,  provide us with 16 intelligent behaviors that highly successful people employ when faced with complex problems. Consider these habits to be like a compass that can help you navigate any situation.

You’re probably using some of these habits right now. In fact, in the past few weeks you’ve probably taken some responsible risks by trying new teaching techniques, figuring out new technology, and *EEK* videoing yourself for the world to see.

Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

In this video, we’ll dig deeper into the what, why, and how of Taking Responsible Risks and how to do it more intentionally.

To learn more about Habits of Mind and to access additional resources please visit The Institute for Habits of Mind

To learn more about Adaptive Schools Seminars and to access strategies and tools mentioned in the video please visit Thinking Collaborative

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