The DEEL Reel – How Flexible Are You?

Photo by Saketh Garuda on Unsplash No, not the bendy kind of flexible - I mean, the kind of flexible when you consider other people's perspectives, when you're open to new ideas, and when you're willing to consider many options for solving a problem. When you're facing complex problems and feeling frustrated, confused, tired, or stressed, the habit... Continue Reading →

The DEEL Reel – Imagine the Possibilities

As children, our imaginations could take us anywhere and could solve any problem. We could dream up hundreds of creative solutions and ideas. Then we grew up, and for some of us, our creative, imaginative, and innovative spirits got pushed aside for more realistic and logical reasoning. Right now, our world looks completely different than... Continue Reading →

The DEEL Reel: Connecting with Google Forms

"Only connect!"E.M. Forster, Howard's End As educators, we know the value and the power of forging connections and building relationships. However, when we are no longer face-to-face with our students, colleagues and families, forging and maintaining those connections becomes a new and different kind of challenge. In this DEEL Reel, learn how to use Google... Continue Reading →

The DEEL Reel – Is it Worth the Risk?

How do you move forward when you’re stuck? How do you find options when you don’t know what your next step should be? We often find ourselves faced with uncertainty - especially now while the world is facing such a dynamic health crisis. As educators, learning to support our students and colleagues in new territory... Continue Reading →

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