Sharing the Message

When good things are happening, others notice. In the past three months the work of Pitt County Schools has been recognized by multiple organizations around the country, and I wanted to take a few minutes to share those links with you.  These are all located on our DEEL In the News! page (accessible by clicking... Continue Reading →

Situational Leadership Alignment

Note: this is a multi-week series on Situational Leadership and its roll-out here in Pitt County Schools.  To see read the other posts, please click here. Over the last three weeks we've gotten a general overview of Situational Leadership and also talked about how it might be applied; today I'd like to take some time... Continue Reading →

Situational Leadership in Action (Part 2)

Today's post is a continuation of last week's post, which is embedded within a larger multi-week series on Situational Leadership. Last week I ended by asking you to take time diagnosing people's readiness for a task.  We looked at two key terms.  The first was ability (and contrasting that with capability), and the second was... Continue Reading →

Situational Leadership in Action (Part 1)

Last week I introduced the leadership style matrix and talked about how it provides a framework for thinking about leading differently in different situations (hence the term situational leadership).  Today we’re going to take a look at how leaders know which quadrant to lead from. To answer the question, "How should I lead in this... Continue Reading →

Situational Leadership: An Overview

Today is the second post in a multi-week series on the Situational Leadership model; you can read the first post by clicking here. Last week I suggested that good leaders lead differently depending on the situation, and you may be wondering how that's even possible.  Let's start by looking at things from the perspective of... Continue Reading →

Situational Leadership: Setting the Stage

What makes an effective leader?  Think back over those leaders you have interacted with over your lifetime, whether personally or professionally.  What was it about them that made them effective?  Were they inspirational?  Did they challenge you?  Did they treat you as a person and invest in you relationally?  Did they give you autonomy?  Did... Continue Reading →

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