Teacher Appreciation Week

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week. As a way to honor all teachers, our department has decided to specifically talk about and acknowledge specific teachers – both teachers who have influenced us in our educational journey and teachers we interact with and support across this district.  Each day this week a different person from the DEEL office will post a story highlighting specific teachers.

On Monday (in about an hour!) you’ll read a story from Donna Steele about two teachers in particular who impacted her in a very deep and profound way, how they really influenced the entire trajectory of her life.  On Tuesday Elizabeth Myers will share the perspective of a parent; you’ll be privileged to read her heart-warming letter to one of her child’s teachers.  Then on Wednesday Ashley Smith will share about some of the Facilitating Teachers in this district and what they are doing to transform the collaborative environment in their schools.  On Thursday Jeff will share about the idea of teachers leaving a legacy that transcends even time itself.  Finally, on Friday I’ll work on pulling it all together and share some of my thoughts on leadership and teaching and the value of the teachers in our schools.

Many times in education we talk about how “it’s all about the kids,” and that’s not completely correct.  I think a primary purpose of those of us in leadership positions is to focus on the teachers who lead those children, for without teachers in the classroom we’d be left with just a room full of kids left on their own.  While it may be cliché to say it, teachers really do change the future – they have the power to literally transform the lives of children and society at large because of the work they do on a day-by-day basis (and if you don’t believe that now I think you may after you read some of this weeks’ posts).  This week we celebrate teachers and the differences they make.  I trust you will find inspiration not only in the words of these authors but  also in the impact and lives of the teachers they describe.

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