A New Home for Professional Learning in PCS!

Pitt County Schools is excited to announce the opening of the new Kathy Taft Center for Excellence and Leadership in Education, located at 2010 Allen Rd in Greenville!  This world-class training facility will serve as the permanent home for professional learning for educators in Pitt County Schools. Featuring four training rooms, two huddle spaces, and... Continue Reading →

Sharing the Message

When good things are happening, others notice. In the past three months the work of Pitt County Schools has been recognized by multiple organizations around the country, and I wanted to take a few minutes to share those links with you.  These are all located on our DEEL In the News! page (accessible by clicking... Continue Reading →

Looking Back and Looking Ahead

253.  That's the number of teachers this year who received financial supplements through programs under the R3 umbrella. 56.  That's the number of collaborative inquiry projects that were worked on this year. 89.  That's the number of collaborative inquiry projects we're anticipating will happen next year (which is also the same number of FTs we... Continue Reading →

Introducing TLI 2020

At the heart of every school you’ll find teacher leaders. They serve on the School Improvement Team, they are coaches, they lead PLCs, they organize community events, and they are mentors; these teachers serve their schools and their students selflessly. Their passion and determination push them to better themselves and better their schools. Because teacher... Continue Reading →

You Matter

Sometimes it seems like the world is crashing down around us.  Educators are often judged solely by results on standardized tests, students come needing more than we are equipped to provide, and more often than people would like to admit there are more day days in the month than dollars in the checking account. And... Continue Reading →

Teacher Appreciation Week

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week. As a way to honor all teachers, our department has decided to specifically talk about and acknowledge specific teachers - both teachers who have influenced us in our educational journey and teachers we interact with and support across this district.  Each day this week a different person from the... Continue Reading →

DEEL In the News

Over the past year the work of the DEEL department has been featured in multiple publications, and we wanted to provide a singular place where people (including us) could locate those publications.  Sometimes they're news stories regarding our work, other times they're articles that have been published by DEEL employees, and other times they're reports... Continue Reading →

MCT & FT Positions for 2018-2019 Announced

We are very excited today to announce that 65 new advanced teaching positions have been awarded to schools across the district. Over the past month district staff have reviewed applications and requests from teachers and schools for Facilitating Teacher, Collaborating Teacher, and Multi-Classroom Teacher positions for the 2018-2019 school year.  Below are the positions that... Continue Reading →

How Do We Know How We’re Doing?

R3 was birthed out of a desire to invest in teachers in our district, in response to a concern we had as a district that too many of our teachers were either leaving the classroom or the profession because they in large part because they felt there were not opportunities to increase their influence and... Continue Reading →

Metaphors… And all that Jazz

Have you ever stopped to consider the presence of metaphors in our every day language?  Have you ever reflected on how they might both reflect and influence your thinking and understanding about important concepts or ideas? A core belief that I have is our words reflect our thinking in very deep ways.  There are reasons... Continue Reading →

Situational Leadership Alignment

Note: this is a multi-week series on Situational Leadership and its roll-out here in Pitt County Schools.  To see read the other posts, please click here. Over the last three weeks we've gotten a general overview of Situational Leadership and also talked about how it might be applied; today I'd like to take some time... Continue Reading →

Situational Leadership in Action (Part 2)

Today's post is a continuation of last week's post, which is embedded within a larger multi-week series on Situational Leadership. Last week I ended by asking you to take time diagnosing people's readiness for a task.  We looked at two key terms.  The first was ability (and contrasting that with capability), and the second was... Continue Reading →

Situational Leadership in Action (Part 1)

Last week I introduced the leadership style matrix and talked about how it provides a framework for thinking about leading differently in different situations (hence the term situational leadership).  Today we’re going to take a look at how leaders know which quadrant to lead from. To answer the question, "How should I lead in this... Continue Reading →

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