Let’s Give Thanks

Here in Pitt County Schools, we are blessed to have many amazing educators throughout the county that we are SO very thankful for. And so we thought that with Thanksgiving right around the corner, we would give those educators a chance to share what they are thankful for. Recently, I reached out to many of them and asked them to complete the phrase:, I am thankful for ________. After reading through all the responses, I sorted them into major themes, and of all those themes three of them really stood out to me  So here is a little of what they are thankful for…

Professional Relationships

Overwhelmingly, from Facilitating teachers to Key Beginning Teachers, teachers are thankful for the professional relationships and support they have, or what we like to call “interdependence”. Interdependence is the idea that individuals can achieve so much more collectively than one can on their own. For all our teacher leaders, they participate in various trainings that help them grow their awareness, appreciation, and ability to build and maintain collaborative relationships with colleagues. We have found that teachers thrive in an atmosphere of collaboration, collective vision, and connectedness. Here are some of the specific things they said…

…having an amazing group of CT’s that are truly dedicated to making a huge difference in our school and community! ~Facilitating Teacher, C. M. Eppes

…working with awesome collaborating teachers who all want to BE BETTER this year for our children. We are working hard to help ALL our students be proficient in reading and ready for the next grade.~Facilitating Teacher, Wintergreen Intermediate

…the amazing bonds I have created with other educators from school to school across the county since I have been in TLI and now as an FT.~Facilitating Teacher & Teacher Leadership Institute participant, H. B. Sugg

…meeting fellow teachers who have a strong desire to continue growing as leaders in their school. ~Teacher Leadership Institute Participant, South Greenville

…the privilege of collaborating with such highly knowledgeable, passionate and professional educators. ~DEEL Staff

…the Key BT program for allowing me to network and create lasting friendships both professionally and personally with such outstanding teachers. ~Key Beginning Teacher, Eastern Elementary

Opportunities for Professional Growth & Learning

Teachers value continuous learning and opportunities to grow as educators and leaders. Pitt County Schools strives to provide our teachers with beneficial trainings that will challenge our teachers to become more effective teachers in their classrooms and in their schools. Our educators are grateful for having the opportunity to learn and grow as professionals!

…the opportunity to grow as a professional alongside the most dedicated educators in PCS.~Facilitating Teacher & TLI, Wahl-Coates

…the TLI training that I am receiving ~TLI, Farmville Central High School

…the seven Norms of collaboration especially the PAUSE so that one may presume positive intentions while maintaining a trusting community of practice. ~Facilitating Teacher & TLI, Bethel

…for TLI because it is helping me grow so much personally and professionally. ~TLI, Ridgewood

…the opportunity to participate in TLI. This program has been instrumental in helping me grow with my PLC and effectively facilitate learning pods within my classroom. Moreover, working with other TLI members within my school has helped sprinkle effective communication within and outside of our classroom community. ~TLI, D. H. Conley

…the people I have met and the opportunity to learn more strategies that can help me in and outside the classroom. ~TLI, Wintergreen Intermediate

…an excellent CoP and teachers who work hard and are willing and open to try new strategies! I am also thankful for Adaptive Schools training and the strategies that I have learned that can be applied with teachers and kids! ~Facilitating Teacher, Belvoir

…the TLI training experience raising my self-awareness to hopefully better communication with others. ~TLI, D. H. Conley High School

…opportunities to grow as an educator that will positively impact student learning.~Facilitating Teacher, South Greenville

Strong Support Systems

Our teachers share that they are appreciative to have been given the opportunity to make an impact in their schools. Through capstone projects, one-on-one coachings, trainings, and networking with teacher leaders throughout the county, their confidence in their abilities to lead in the classrooms, schools, and county has grown. Pitt County Schools strives to support our teachers while they are navigating through new territory and new roles; and for that, they are thankful!

…I am thankful for PCS leaders that invest in their teachers through programs such as TLI and the develop of Communities of Practice; giving us the training, resources, and …support needed to meet the needs of all students, and to be catalysts for change. ~Facilitating Teacher & TLI, Wintergreen Primary

…powers that be who believe in recognizing and growing classroom teachers with passion, drive, and a call to lead. ~Teacher Leadership Institute, A. G. Cox

…the opportunity to support teachers as some embark upon their journey into educators by changing the lives of young people. While others continue to challenge students to explore and be creative . ~DEEL Staff

…a school district that supports teachers to work in the classroom while also allowing us to grow and lead as professionals.~Facilitating Teacher & TLI, Ayden Elementary

…a super supportive administration.~Facilitating Teacher, Ayden Elementary

…the coaching that we get and fellow FTs that I can talk to and work with!~Facilitating Teacher, C. M. Eppes

…the people I work with and the support we give each other.~Facilitating Teacher & TLI, Lakeforest

…the support of our TLI coaches. ~TLI, E. B. Aycock

…my TLI lab group who have become some of my closest friends, who always give me a new perspective on things and who always try to relate to me and what I am going through as a teacher even though they teach completely different subjects/ages of students….and of course Seth and Tom for bringing us together. ~TLI, G. R. Whitfield

…a wonderful support system that willingly answers ALL of my questions! ~TLI, W. H. Robinson

…the National Board support team who helped and guided me through a very intimidating process. ~National Board Candidate, Wintergreen Primary

…my colleagues and the amazing discussion, support and community they offer daily. ~DEEL Staff

And sometimes they’re just thankful for the extra long lunch breaks.

…lunch out with my lab group on TLI meetings.~TLI, C. M. Eppes

As for me, I’m thankful for all the teachers in our county and their willingness to transform student lives. Our mission and vision statements both share that we will prepare our students to be successful citizens, and I am thankful for our teachers because they are driven to do just that! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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