Announcing Teacher-Proposed Facilitating Teacher Projects

Imagine that you had the potential to propose a collaborative action research project to the district and then get paid to engage in that research.  That’s what I’m excited to announce today!

This year PCS has been implementing the roll of Facilitating Teachers in schools across the district.  Currently, there are 54 teachers working as FTs; these FTs are leading Communities of Practice (CoPs) who are engaged in examining issues that negatively impact student learning, and then working to identify solutions for those issues.  During the spring of 2018 we’ll be able to expand the number of FTs from the current number of 54 to at least 97 across the district.

While the process for many of these positions will be similar to this past year, where principals and school leadership teams identified areas of focus based on school-level data, we will also be adding an option for teachers to propose completing a project.  The details about this new plan will be announced in early January, but here’s a sneak preview so that you can begin to think about how you might get involved:

  1. Instead of principals and school leadership teams identifying the focus for all FT positions, some FT positions will be reserved so that individual teachers can propose a focus for the action research;
  2. These teachers will identify the focus of the project, identify who will serve as the FT, and who will work with them in the CoP;
  3. Proposals will be reviewed by the district leadership team and positions will be allotted in the spring of 2018 so that teachers can begin to plan for work the following fall;
  4. FTs and CTs must still meet eligibility criteria for the positions.

While it might seem like the 2018-2019 school year is a long-ways off, within the next two months we’ll be in full-gear planning for it.  If you’d like the opportunity to gather a group of teachers to serve as a Community of Practice, if you’d like to experience the autonomy of submitting a proposal for review to district leadership, then I encourage you to subscribe to this blog so you receive the announcement in early January!  This is an incredible opportunity for teachers to demonstrate leadership and initiative within our district – I’m looking forward to sharing more over the next couple of months.  For now, though, be brainstorming issues you see in your school where you could positively impact the learning of students by engaging in some collaborative action research with other teachers, then be on the lookout for the announcement in January.

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