You may have noticed that the last two posts had a different flavor and voice. One of the things we’re focused on here at DEEL is continually developing all ourselves in multiple ways, and that includes sharing information on and writing for this blog.

This past month Lori Collins, our Teacher Support Coordinator, and Lauren Bowers, our Teacher Leadership Coordinator, have both posted their thoughts about recent experiences they’ve had as well as shared a little of the vision they have for moving forward.  Over the next few months they will join Seth and me in publishing on the blog. And eventually we’ll have others from DEEL participate as well.

What does that mean for you, our followers and readers?  For one, you’ll have the privilege of reading different authors. You can always tell who wrote a post by looking at the bottom of the page (see the screenshot below from one of Seth’s posts earlier this year). But over time I anticipate you’ll start to recognize each person based on their unique writing style.


For now, help me welcome Lori and Lauren to the blog – and if you haven’t checked out their first posts check them out here (Lori) and here (Lauren)

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