The DEEL Reel: Structuring Meetings: Summarizing Strategies

Heads nod and smiles emerge at the end of a meeting doesn't always indicate understanding, agreement or readiness for action! Join me in this last video on Summarizing Strategies to learn how to provide participants opportunities to clarify understandings and next steps. Click on the picture to view the video! Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Indoctrination to Education

I remember my first year in education: Kindergarten.  As the baby of the family, I was beyond excited to finally be able to board the bus and head to school with my brother and sister.  Back then kindergarten students went to school for a half day. There were morning and afternoon classes, and I was... Continue Reading →

Peering Into a Community of Practice

Over the past year I have had the opportunity to be drenched in happiness while working with Facilitating Teachers in Pitt County, and it has been exciting to watch the transformation of our teacher leaders in this new role.  While there are so many incredible Communities of Practice (CoP’s) at work in Pitt County Schools,... Continue Reading →

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