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This page contains information that is useful in describing the TIF grant and R3 Program. This is a printable Google Doc – R3 Program Overview



Purpose: The R3 program is designed to implement best practices to recruit, retain, and reward highly effective teachers. The program consolidates multiple initiatives designed to impact student achievement by innovatively investing in our best teachers.  



  • Reward the best teachers by providing them with a differentiated pay scale and new career pathways allowing them to remain in the classroom.
  • Increase the number of students across the district taught by highly effective teachers
  • Empower teacher collaboration to confront difficult issues to raise student achievement
  • Develop a comprehensive, replicable, and sustainable model for recruiting, retaining, and rewarding teachers and implementing advanced teaching roles in eastern North Carolina

Economic Impact:

  • The US Department of Education awarded a TIF5 Grant of $16.2 million to Pitt County Schools over five years starting in October 2016.
    • TIF5 is part of Title II, part B funding
    • Continued funding for TIF5 is based on annual Congressional appropriations for the 5 years
  • 80% of TIF5 funding directly supports educator supplements, salaries, and bonuses
    • 18 full time employees
    • 72 teacher leaders supplements
    • 250 teacher supplements
    • 180 teacher and administrator bonuses for student achievement
    • National Board Support for 100 teachers per year in the pipeline programs
  • The R3 program is supported by an additional $5 million from state, local, and private grants and funding
    • TIF5 makes up 76% of the R3 program
    • The TIF5 program provides an innovative framework to explore alternative teacher compensation models across North Carolina.  Pitt County is one of 6 districts piloting programs in the state. TIF5 funding is key to providing a fully researched model for North Carolina to consider.

Additional Information:

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