Because of the nature of the work of R3, in particular the work supported through the federal Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) and state Teacher Compensation Model (TCM) grants, there are two key teams that work directly with and support the DEEL Directors.  The first is a district-wide R3 Leadership Team, and the second is a Principal Advisory team.

R3 District Leadership Team

The district leadership team is made up of representatives from school district leadership, principals, and teachers.  The team provides advice, advocacy, and feedback to and for the DEEL Directors, as well as makes key decisions regarding the direction and roll-out of the program as aligned to the state and federal grants.  Included on the team are key members of the district senior staff, the elected presidents of the county’s teacher and principal associations, and the current Teacher and Principal of the Year (TOY and POY). Team members are:

  • Dr. Ethan Lenker, Superintendent
  • Debra Baggett, Chief Financial Officer
  • Dr. Va-Lecia Council, Asst. Superintendent for Human Resources
  • Dr. Steve Lassiter, Asst. Superintendent for Educational Programs and Services
  • Dr. Seth Brown, Director of Educator Support & Leadership Development
  • Thomas R. Feller, Jr., Director of Professional Learning & Leadership Development
  • Paul Briney, Principal at Farmville Middle School and President for Pitt County Principals & Assistant Principals Association
  • Chena Cayton, Ayden-Grifton High School and 2019 PCS Principal of the Year
  • Lauren Piner, Teacher at South Central High School and President for the Pitt County Association of Educators
  • Ann Marie Mehdi, Teacher at South Central High School and 2019 PCS Teacher of the Year

Principal Advisory Team

The Principal Advisory Team is comprised of a cross-section of principals representing K-5, K-8, 6-8, and 9-12 schools in the district.  The group provides advice, advocacy, and feedback to and for the DEEL Directors, as well as makes key decisions, regarding the general roll-out of the various teacher career paths in the school system.  In addition to the DEEL Directors, the team members are:

  • Janarde Cannon, South Central High School
  • Alison Covington, Belvoir Elementary School
  • Diana Denham, Lakeforest Elementary
  • Kimberly Harris, Wellcome Middle
  • Cathy Kirkland, Wintergreen Primary & Intermediate Schools
  • Kamara Roach, WH Robinson Elementary
  • Alison Setser, Sugg-Bundy School
  • Kevin Smith, Grifton School
  • Darryl Thomas, EB Aycock Middle School