This page is designed to capture some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). This page will be updated periodically. If you have questions please contact one of the DEEL Directors.



  • What is R3? Recruit, Retain, Reward – Is the umbrella term used to describe all the programs and grants used by the Pitt County Schools Division of Educator Effectiveness and Leadership (DEEL) to recruit, retain, and reward excellent educators to ensure success for every child every day. For more information on R3, visit the DEEL & R3 page.
  • What is DEEL? The Division of Educator Effectiveness and Leadership (DEEL) serves as the bridge between the Human Resources and Educational Programs and Services
  • Departments to facilitate alignment of instructional initiatives and personnel support. For more information on DEEL, visit the DEEL & R3 page.
  • What is TIF? Teacher Incentive Fund grant – It’s a $16.2 million grant from the US Department of Education awarded to Pitt County schools on October 1, 2016. It is a 5 year grant aimed at developing the R3 Program. It covers 29 schools that meet Federal High Needs status.
  • What is TCM? Teacher Compensation Model grant – It’s a $4.9 million grant from the NC General Assembly awarded in December 2016. It covers the remaining school that TIF does not cover as well as other aspects of the R3 program.
  • What is an FT? A Facilitating Teacher is one of the roles in the Career Pathway that a teacher can use to expand her/his influence. The teacher facilitates a Community of Practice (CoP) to conduct action research on an instructional problem of practice with 2-4 other Collaborating Teachers (CT). For more information on FTs, visit the Facilitating Teacher page.
  • How do I become an FT? FTs are required to possess an advanced certification, such as National Boards,  a Masters in a content area, or completion of the Teacher Leadership Institute (TLI), in addition to positive student achievement. Once a candidate meets these additional criteria, he/she is eligible to apply for posted FT positions. FTs are hired by the principals to address an instructional problem of practice determined by the principal and school FT leadership team. For more information on the Job description, view the FT Job Description.
  • How many FTs are there? There will be 66 FTs in the 2017-18 school year and an additional 31 FTs in the 2018-19 school year for a total of 97 FTs across the county. Most will be school FTs, and there will be some positions allocated to address needs across several schools.
  • Will there be positions open the following year? Yes, The FT positions will be hired over the next two school years and as needed after that.
  • Will the grant increase my pay? Maybe. A signification portion of grant funding will compensate teachers who specifically meet one of the different methods to expand their influence as part of the R3 program.