The Eastern Carolina Education Connection (ECEC) is a daily broadcast produced in partnership with Ricci Law Firm and WNCT-CW, here in Greenville, North Carolina. While schools have been closed due to COVID-19 for face-to-face instruction, and teachers have been working tirelessly to provide remote, online instruction, we also recognize many students may not have adequate devices to access that instruction. Sometimes, students are prevented from accessing the digital resources and instruction offered in the district due to a lack of access to the internet. ECEC has been provided to give students a chance to participate in remote instruction via a daily over-the-air broadcast.  The show airs daily from 12:00-12:30 on channel 9.2 in Greenville.

The show features lessons delivered by teachers and leaders from across Pitt County Schools and is geared towards K-2 students. Each lesson contains a read-aloud book, lesson with do-at-home assignment, PE wiggle breaks, and at least one “featured” episode (such as a counselor corner, art lesson, or music lesson). On this web page you’ll find archived videos of each episode. Please note that, because of copyright regulations, many of the read-aloud had to be edited out of the streaming version of the show. However, the book for each episode is listed below, and we encourage you to check it out from your local library or school media center once they have both re-opened.

Where books are available from the Sheppard Memorial Library, links have been provided and you can view the book by clicking on the title.  Residents of Pitt County are eligible to request the book and check it out, and the link will provide the specific branch with the book, though any branch can request it from another at no cost.  If you have questions, please contact the Sheppard Memorial Library directly.

If your child is a student in Pitt County Schools, you can also see if the book is available from your school’s media center.  Please visit and select your child’s school to enter the media center catalog, then type in the name of the book from below.

This page will be updated weekly with the previous week’s episodes.


Tab Air Date Teacher #1 Teacher #2 PE Teacher Feature Segment Text
1.1 Mon, Apr 13, 20 Ashley Smith Lydia O’Rear Erika Dawson Olivia Salter Beryl’s Box
1.2 Tue, Apr 14, 20 Lori Moore Christy Mattison Colin Brewer Corrine Davis Jackie Laroo: A Pirate’s Lesson
1.3 Wed, Apr 15, 20 Jen Bullard Katie Beddard Jimmy Bowen Kathy Smith & Beth Hegwer There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Shell!
1.4 Thur, Apr 15, 20 Reba Warren Jenkins Carolina Opazo Erika Dawson Kelly Joyner The Peace Book
1.5 Fri, Apr 17, 20 Fieldtrip Friday: A Visit to the Farm Ashley Smith & Jeff Bell Brian Dilday Dooby Dooby Moo
2.1 Mon, Apr 20, 20 Kristin Stahl Adapted PE Laura Bennett What Do You Do with a Problem?
2.2 Tue, Apr 21, 20 Tracie Below Lori Collins Renee Boltinhouse Emily Benson The Earth Book 
2.3 Wed, Apr 22, 20 Diana Leggett Connie Conner Jimmy Bowen Olivia Salter The Very Hungry Caterpillar/La Oruga Muy Hambrienta 
2.4 Thu, Apr 23, 20 Gabrielle Lamb Kasey Stephens Erika Dawson Lori Collins “Little Red Riding Hood” from Mother’s Nursery Tales 
2.5 Fri, Apr 24, 20 Fieldtrip Friday: A Visit to the Zoo Ashley Smith & Jeff Bell Little Prickles
3.1 Mon, Apr 27, 20 Montrell Morrow Kara Snyder Jimmy Bowen Laura Bennett What Do You Do with An Idea?
3.2 Wed, Apr 29, 20 Heather Morse Adapted PE Olivia Salter Alligator Baby 
3.3 Tue, Apr 28, 20 Shameka Miller Christy Mattison Jimmy Bowen Emily Benson The True Story of the Three Little Pigs
3.4 Thu, Apr 30, 20 Trudy Garris Jimmy Bowen Lori Collins The Magic School Bus: Inside a Beehive
3.5 Fri, May 1, 20 Fieldtrip Friday: A Visit to The Bird Sanctuary Ashley Smith, Jeff Bell, and Jennifer Johnson Cindy Bell Egret Gospel
4.1 Mon, May 4, 20 Kara Snyder Montrell Morrow Brian Dilday Lori Collins The Very Impatient Caterpillar
4.2 Tue, May 5, 20 Jenna Brooks Collin Brewer Melissa Coxe Little Millie Ford & Her New Skateboard
4.3 Wed, May 6, 20 Dr. Steve Lassiter Jennifer Stalls Erika Dawson Kathy Smith & Liz Hamilton Cloud Country
4.4 Thu, May 7, 20 Amy Cooper Renee Boltinhouse Corrine Davis Fly Guy Presents: Insects
4.5 Fri, May 8, 20 Fieldtrip Friday: Loving the Teachers of Pitt County Schools Ashley Smith & Jeff Bell The Word Collector
5.1 Mon, May 11, 20 Kristen Snyder Lindsay McDermott Adapted PE Olivia Salter A Bad Case of Stripes
5.2 Tue, May 12, 20 Alicia Hunter Julia Shannon Collin Brewer Fritz Robinett What Do You do with a Chance?
5.3 Wed, May 13, 20 Andrea Fleming Renee Boltinhouse Ms. Schwartz & Ms. Licona More Than Anything Else
5.4 Thu, May 14, 20 Felicia Wilson & Caroline Baney Patricia Nowlin Brian Dilday Patricia Nowlin Happy Dreamer
5.5 Fri, May 15, 20 Fieldtrip Friday: A Visit to the Fire Station Ashley Smith & Jeff Bell Fly Guy Presents Firefighters
6.1 Mon, May 18, 20 Re-Aired 2.1
6.2 Tue, May 19, 20 Re-Aired 3.1
6.3 Wed, May 20, 20 Re-Aired 5.2
6.4 Thu, May 21, 20 Re-Aired 3.3
6.5 Fri, May 22, 20 Fieldtrip Friday: A Time for Science Ashley Smith & Jeff Bell Erika Dawson
7.1 Mon, May 25, 20 Lydia O’Rear Heidi Criswell Erika Dawson Corrine Davis The Greedy Triangle
7.2 Tue, May 26, 20 Consuelo Schwartz Carolina Licona Adapted PE Melissa Coxe The Many Faces of Max
7.3 Wed, May 27, 20 Latisha Bradley Bethany Haskins Brian Dilday Fritz Robinett & Ken Smith Click Clack Moo
7.4 Thu, May 28, 20 Nancy Kraft Dr. Overstreet Adapted PE Bethany Haskins Severus Comes Home
7.5 Fri, May 29, 20 Re-Aired 5.5
8.1 Mon, June 1, 2020 Heather Morse Brian Dilday Adam Moniz Diary of a Spider
8.2 Tues, June 2, 2022 Kristen Snyder Lindsay McDermott Colin Brewer Laura. Bennett Dragon’s Love Tacos 2: The Sequel
8.3 Wed, June 3, 2020 Bethanie Harman Sara English Renee Boltinhouse Fritz Robinett Bubba and the Cowboy Prince
8.4 Thur, June 4, 2020 Latonjia Columbus Monica Memrick Adapted PE Lori Collins Never Play Music Too Close To The Zoo
8.5 Fri, June 5, 2020 Fieldtrip Friday: Aurora Fossil Museum Ashley Smith, Jeff Bell, & Ethan Lenker Is a Blue Whale the Biggest Thing There Is?