Occasionally DEEL personnel and projects are featured in external publications, and sometimes articles are written by DEEL personnel and published by external organizations.  As these become available we’ll provide links to them here.  They are listed being with the most recent at top.

For information on presentations done by DEEL personnel outside the district, please visit the Conference Presentations tab at the top of the page.

Additionally, copies of all evaluation reports provided by our third-part evaluator are located at the bottom of this page.

News Stories and Journal Articles

  • January 21, 2020 – Redefining the Box: A Systemic Approach to Retaining Effective Educators – In this edNC perspectives post, DEEL Director Seth Brown shares how the district has used innovation to drive the development of our pipeline and pathway programs, including some of the impacts of the programs on teachers in our district.
  • December 20, 2019 – When Teachers Become Solutions to the Problems Schools Face, originally published through North Carolina ASCD, was re-shared internationally by the Institute for Habits of Mind.
  • December 2, 2019 – When Teachers Become Solutions to the Problems Schools Face –  In this article published by North Carolina ASCD, co-authors Thomas Feller, Ashley Smith, and Lauren Bowers describe how the district has supported both teachers in the pipeline programs and the career pathways model have made a difference in the lives of students by taking responsibility for their own learning and work.
  • July 22, 2019 Teachers Sharpen Leadership Skills over Summer Break – This article was published in The Daily Reflector and describes our 2019 Summit for Collaborative Leaders and how the district is supporting the work of teacher collaboration and leadership in our schools.
  • July 18, 2019 PCS Hosts Teacher Summit at the Convention Center – WNCT, our local CBS affiliate, described our 2019 Summit for Collaborative Leaders, including interviewing a participant about the training.
  • March 2019 – District’s Teacher Retention Improves – This article was published in the March 31, 2019 issue of The Daily Reflector and highlights some of the progress made by the district around teacher retention as a result of the work of the R3 program.  Information comes primarily from a presentation made to the Board of Education during the monthly work session.
  • June 2018 – Developing Self-Directed Teacher LeadersThis article was co-authored Thomas Feller, Seth Brown, and Lauren Bowers, and they describe both the use and alignment of the Habits of Mind in the Teacher Leadership Institute.  The article was posted on the website of the Institute for Habits of Mind.
  • June 2018 – DEEL Directors Seth Brown and Thomas Feller participated as members of a panel discussion at the annual Teacher Quality Programs summit in Washington, DC.  Their session, entitled Selecting, Developing, and Retaining Teacher Leaders along the Teaching Continuumincluded representatives from three different districts across the nation and was attended by grantees from around the country who wanted to learn more about what districts were doing to grow teacher leaders in their districts.
  • May 2018Expanding the Professional Influence, Capacity, and Compensation of Teacher Leaders in Pitt County Schools – Written by DEEL Directors Thomas Feller and Seth Brown, this article was published in the Spring 2018 newsletter for North Carolina ASCD and provides an overview of some of our R3 programs as well as initial impact information.
  • April 2018Bridging the Gap: Sustained & Intensive PD – This white paper, published by the Frontline Institute, examines the professional learning practices of districts across the nation in regards to how well they align to the definition of professional learning established by the Elementary and Secondary Schools Act (ESSA).  Pitt County Schools is provided as an exemplar district in a case-study.
  • April 2018Pitt County Schools: A Situational Leadership® Success Story – This article was published by the Center for Leadership Studies in their monthly client newsletter and highlights some of the ways in which PCS is using the Situational Leadership model across the system.
  • March 30, 2018 – Diversity and STEM Education in Eastern North Carolina – This article was written by Teacher Support Coordinator Lori Collins and published March 30, 2018 by both EdNC and on the Smithsonian Blog.
  • March 30, 2018Teacher Vacancies Hard to Fill in ENC – This article, written by Valerie Crowder with NPR’s Public Radio East, examined the difficulties that districts in Eastern NC have in filling vacancies and highlights some of the steps Pitt County Schools is taking through the R3 initiative; Thomas Feller, Director of Professional Learning and Leadership Development, as well as Dr. Council, the Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources, are quoted in the article.
  • February 16, 2018DEEL Aims to Help Students by Supporting Educators – In this article, the Daily Reflector provided details on the work done by DEEL in supporting teachers across the district.
  • January 14, 2018School System Fulfilling King’s Dream – In this weekly editorial by the Daily Reflector, the editors specifically highlighted the R3 program as a strategy of promise in helping achieve equity across the system, ensuring that every child has an excellent educator “regardless of their race or religion, whether they are rich or poor.”
  • June 21, 2017 – Pitt Schools Get Reprieve on Class Size Reduction – This article, published by the Daily Reflector, provides information on why PCS was allowed to waive class size requirements as part of their innovative work in redesigning teacher leadership and student support because of new teacher leadership roles.
  • July 7, 2017TIF Grantee Spotlight – The DEEL Directors, Seth Brown and Thomas Feller, were interviewed in Washington, DC in the summer of 2017.  The video showcases Pitt County’s efforts to Recruit, Retain, and Reward highly-effective educators here in the district.
  • October 4, 2016 – Schools Win $16.2M Grant for Teachers – The Daily Reflector published an article providing initial details on the district being chosen as a recipient of the TIF-5 awards.

Evaluation Reports

PCS has partnered with Measurement, Inc., a national leader in providing program evaluations for school districts around teacher leadership, career pathways, and federal grants.  Evaluation reports compiled by and submitted to the district by Measurement, Inc. are provided below, with the most recent reports at the top of the list.

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