The DEEL Reel: Connecting with Google Forms

"Only connect!"E.M. Forster, Howard's End As educators, we know the value and the power of forging connections and building relationships. However, when we are no longer face-to-face with our students, colleagues and families, forging and maintaining those connections becomes a new and different kind of challenge. In this DEEL Reel, learn how to use Google... Continue Reading →

The DEEL Reel – Sharing ALL The Things — Part One

In the world of Covid-19 teaching, parents/caregivers and teachers are crafting a new kind of relationship. Although teachers still bear the responsibility for developing content and instruction, parents/caregivers' role in supporting students has shifted; parent-educators are now serving a instructors, coaches and behavior management specialists! Many teachers may be grappling with this question: What do... Continue Reading →

The DEEL Reel — Getting To Know You

In our current reality of COVID-19 teaching, educators are in the process of getting to know their new co-teachers, Parent (and sibling and grandparent and babysitter....) Educators. This DEEL Reel discusses how educators can leverage technology to collect and organize information about their co-teachers in order to streamline the communication process. Educators will learn how... Continue Reading →

The DEEL Reel — Meet Your New Co-Teacher!

"This is not home schooling. And it’s not online schooling. Teaching and learning in a time of Covid-19 is what we’re doing, and we’re figuring it out day by day."Opinion: This Is Not Home Schooling, Distance Learning or Online Schooling.Maureen Downey - Atlanta Journal Constitution As we teach and learn in a time of Covid-19,... Continue Reading →

Structuring the Environment

As a teacher, I remember often making a decision in the first five minutes of a meeting on whether or not that meeting was going to be successful. Many times that split-second decision had little to do with the content or the facilitator; it was often about what I saw when I walked into the... Continue Reading →

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