The DEEL Reel – Imagine the Possibilities

As children, our imaginations could take us anywhere and could solve any problem. We could dream up hundreds of creative solutions and ideas. Then we grew up, and for some of us, our creative, imaginative, and innovative spirits got pushed aside for more realistic and logical reasoning.

Right now, our world looks completely different than it did just a few weeks ago and the need for creative, imaginative, and innovative thinkings is greater than ever. In fact, we’re at a time where we can imagine the possibilities and use innovative ways to engage our students and colleagues. So for those that might need to pull out that creative spirit or use it more intentionally, what are some ways that you might do that?

In this video, we explore the what, why, and how of Creating, Imagining, and Innovating. 

To learn more about Habits of Mind and to access additional resources please visit The Institute for Habits of Mind

To learn more about Adaptive Schools Seminars and to access strategies and tools mentioned in the video please visit Thinking Collaborative

Photo by Alice Dietrich on Unsplash

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