The DEEL Reel – Start with a Full Calendar

This DEEL Reel is a combination of several tactics from the book Make Time, specifically #8, #9, and #13. John Zeratsky wrote this blog about Start with a Full Calendar to explain his take on this strategy. He featured tactic #9 Block Your Calendar. However, there was something missing for me when when I was trying to design my work day during the Online School days of 2020. I was missing some of the flexibility needed because things kept popping up on my calendar (like today’s Principals & Directors Zoom Meeting). I needed flexibility when planning my blocks of time during the day.

“…things kept popping up on my calendar…I needed flexibility when planning my blocks of time during the day.”

Seth Brown

What first appealed to me about these tactics was designing my day around blocks of time (Tactic #9). I figured I could move those blocks of time around as new priorities popped up. In reading more, I keyed in on building from the Burner List strategy featured in a prior DEEL Reel and started with scheduling a block of time to work on my highlight for the day (Tactic #8). I wanted to be proactive to make sure I got my One Big Thing completed (or at least got a few tasks completed).

I think it was tactic #13 Design Your Day that helped me the most. I could use the blocks of time to make sure I was proactive with things on my Burner List, and I could design the blocks of time around my life. For example, I know that at 11:45 my bride and oldest daughter go to the local elementary school, so we can support the Child Nutrition program. I know that I needed to schedule a break of time from 12:00-1:00 to eat with my family. I learned that because before designing my day, I would do “one more thing” and miss lunch.

Be sure to click on the link below for the DEEL Reel video and feel free modify the strategy to become more proactive with your daily routine. Please tune in tomorrow for another DEEL Reel.

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