The DEEL Reel – The Burner List

Welcome to the Pitt County Schools DEEL Reel🎥. Today’s topic targets “strategies to manage time while teaching online and specifically the Burner List strategy. The Burner List comes from the book Make Time and was briefly featured on the Today Show on September 15, 2017. It is a strategy used by some members of the DEEL team within PCS to make sure that progress is being made on something that matters.

Make Time: How To Focus on What Matters Every Day is a book by Jake and John, two former Google employees who worked on the Gmail and YouTube teams. In trying to become productive at work they realized that they were distracted more than focused, they didn’t seem to get anything done, even though they were working many hours. Part of their epiphany came because they actually helped designed the operating systems designed to notify and distract you for every new email or video post. The book contains 87 strategies you can try out.

One of the keys to the Burner List is how it helps you focus on the one and maybe two most important things for the day. By focusing on what they call the “One Big Thing” it helps to provide a purpose to staying focused. The process of specifically choosing your top two priorities to get accomplished provide amazing focus in a world full of distractions while teaching online, especially from home. The Burner List still allows you to address all the other things that come up in life, but manages them like a chef does the “Kitchen Sink”. He gets them done, but keeps focused on the Front and Back Burner.

Click on the photo above to take a look at the video and see how this strategy might provide focus and purpose to your work in an online educational world. See if it “Makes Time” for you as well.

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  1. Love this idea compared to just a regular, running TO-DO list. Teachers love lists and this is an excellent way to organize and prioritize. Thanks, Seth!

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