R3 Program Evaluation Reports Available

Three new program evaluation reports are now available on the Success for Every Child website.  For those interested in learning more about the impacts of the R3 programs in Pitt County Schools, these reports provide invaluable data.  All reports are accessible through the “Publications” drop-down at the top of the page.

The Year 1 Annual Report is a comprehensive report documenting the impact of the entire program with a particular emphasis on the Key BT, TLI, and FT aspects of R3.  It includes two case studies of what a Community of Practice looks like, as well as information on how FTs and their CTs are impacting (and improving) the learning student experience in their classes as a result of the collaborative inquiry projects they are doing.  The report was submitted to the district in late November 2018.

The February 2019 Evaluation Brief focuses on the roll-out of the MCT positions in the district, including a basic overview of the model as well as some of the initial impacts seen and recommendations for continued improvement.

The State Interim ATR Report was submitted to the NC General Assembly in October 2018 by The Friday Institute.  This report does not focus solely on Pitt County Schools but rather is a state-wide report on the progress of all six districts involved in the state Advanced Teaching Roles pilot program.

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