Looking Back and Looking Ahead

  • 253.  That’s the number of teachers this year who received financial supplements through programs under the R3 umbrella.
  • 56.  That’s the number of collaborative inquiry projects that were worked on this year.
  • 89.  That’s the number of collaborative inquiry projects we’re anticipating will happen next year (which is also the same number of FTs we anticipate for next year).
  • 267.  That’s the number of CTs we anticipate next year.
  • 13.  That’s the number of MCTs we currently have confirmed for next year (with others still pending final approval).
  • 498.  That’s the number of teachers (FTs, CTs, MCTs, Co-Ts, TLIers, and Key BTers) whom we’re projecting to support next year through trainings and financial supplements.

Those are some pretty big numbers – especially for a district where only one year ago there were ZERO teachers on differentiated career pathway positions.  We’ve come an awfully long way, and we still have much work to do.  Over the past year you’ve heard stories and read posts from people up here in the DEEL office on what’s been going on through the TIF and TCM grants under the umbrella of R3.  You’ve read about how our school leaders are learning to lead situationally, how teachers are impacting learning in their schools through their research projects, how protocols and mindsets impact the work of communities of practice, and how PCS is expanding options for teachers to influence others and increase their compensation.

We’ve also developed three key groups who advise and help us lead the R3 initiatives.  One is a grant leadership team made up of district senior staff as well as teacher and principal representatives, then there’s a principal team and a teacher team to complement that leadership team.  And starting this week we’re forming six additional teams (all underneath the Teacher Advisory Council) who will meet throughout the summer to work on identifying options and developing plans to expand performance-based bonuses to teachers in non-tested subjects.

One of the things we’re working on doing well is communicating our work and progress out to people in this district – teachers, administrators, and community members.  If you’re reading this I’m asking you to do one simple thing: please pass the link for this post on to your colleagues so they can see just a glimpse of what we’re doing; encourage them to read the post and then register for regular updates from the blog (it’s on the right side of the screen).  Every Monday someone posts something about our work – whether it’s a formal progress report or simply some thoughts about one component of our work we feel will be beneficial for someone to read about – we are working to get the message out that we value our teachers and are working daily to communicate that (though over the summer we probably won’t be posting as regularly).

If you want to read some of the formal program evaluation reports or even articles written about our program, I encourage you to click on the “DEEL In the News” link at the top of the site.  In the coming months we’ll be posting results and information on the collaborative inquiry projects happening across the district, and you’ll also see how things are progressing on the work we’re preparing for this year.

Who might benefit from reading this blog post?  Please – share it with them today.

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