Welcome Key Beginning Teachers 2018


Beginning a career in education can be an emotional journey. The road ahead can be overwhelming and often met with challenges. Many new teachers navigate these difficulties with great strides and show success with lessons and build relationships with students, parents, colleagues, and the local community. Pitt County Schools is fortunate to have many sharp and bright individuals who are able to light the path for the next group of new teachers. Each year, phenomenal beginning teachers are nominated by their peers to be a part of the Key Beginning Teacher program.

The Key Beginning Teacher program supports and empowers our innovative, creative, and effective beginning teachers so they can provide the arch of support to those who are also embarking on the migration from novice to veteran. The program is based on the keystone, a central stone at the summit of an arch which locks it together. The program brings highly credible teachers in years two, three, or four together from all across the county. The Division of Educator Effectiveness and Leadership (DEEL) supports these teachers through staff development. Participants will be apart of the orientation for first year teachers, create resources for other beginning teachers to use, participate in training for other beginning teachers during monthly meetings at their individual school, and advocate for the needs of all beginning teachers to our NC Legislative delegation.

We would like to welcome the fifth cohort of Key Beginning Teachers who will begin their experience in August at the New Teacher Orientation. If we consider that each teacher has touch the lives of just 25 students, then over the past four years, participants in the Key Beginning Teacher program have touched over 5,000 students.

Key Beginning Teachers 2018-2019

  1. Caroline Baney, Lakeforest
  2. Olivia Bell, South Central
  3. Hannah Biddlecome, Eastern
  4. Jcelyn Bryson, Ayden-Grifton
  5. Ginny Collins, Early College HS
  6. Heather Corbett, Creekside
  7. Brittany Cox, Hope
  8. Heather Dail, JH Rose
  9. Nicole Davis, Ridgewood
  10. Simone Davis, Stokes
  11. Alyssa Douglass, Ayden Elem
  12. Ellen Draper, Belvoir
  13. Thomas Dudley, GR Whitfield
  14. Stephanie Flores, North Pitt
  15. Janie Goddard, DH Conley
  16. Deanna Heath, EB Aycock
  17. Kayleigh Jewell, Wellcome
  18. Allena King, Ayden-Grifton
  19. Emily Kus, South Greenville
  20. Brandon Lam, Wellcome
  21. Heather Ledford, Wahl-Coates
  22. Susanne Mullis, Pactolus
  23. Ariana Niehaus, EB Aycock
  24. Rebecca Poole, South Central
  25. Elizabeth Proctor, Eastern
  26. Courtney Riggs, JH Rose
  27. Aaron Rountree, JH Rose
  28. Kia Saunders, Farmville Middle
  29. Daniella Scinto, HB Sugg
  30. Julia Shannon, South Greenville
  31. Sandra Shephard, Alpha Center
  32. Dahliah Smith-Watson, Falkland
  33. Jennifer Stamper, Ridgewood
  34. Kasey Stephens, SD Bundy
  35. Brittany Swinson, Grifton
  36. Karen Taylor, GR Whitfield
  37. Hayley Wagner, Wahl-Coates
  38. Bethany Wantz, SD Bundy
  39. Jakita Wilkins, Northwest
  40. Kentrell Williams, Elmhurst

We are excited to work with these beginning teachers as they change our part of the world by collaborating and touching the heart and mind of one child at a time.

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