Introducing TLI 2020

At the heart of every school you’ll find teacher leaders. They serve on the School Improvement Team, they are coaches, they lead PLCs, they organize community events, and they are mentors; these teachers serve their schools and their students selflessly. Their passion and determination push them to better themselves and better their schools. Because teacher leaders are so valuable to the success of our schools, it’s important to invest in building their leadership skills and capabilities.

Pitt County Schools’ Teacher Leadership Institute (TLI) is an intense two-year leadership development program that that does just that — builds leadership capacity in teachers. Participants participate in trainings that provide new leadership perspectives and build skills that help them lead in their classrooms, in their grade levels, in their schools, and in the district.

Past TLI participants have shared that their experience in TLI has been transformative and that their definition of leadership has changed dramatically since they first began. Others found value in the networking and collaborating with other teachers in the district.

We’d like to congratulate and welcome the newest Teacher Leadership Institute participants; 28 teachers from around the county will embark on a leadership journey beginning this June. Collectively, these teachers have over 300 years of teaching experience.

2020 Teacher Leadership Institute Members

  • Gracie Baker, Ayden-Grifton High School
  • Brantley Barrow, DH Conley High School
  • Julie Berry, JH Rose High School
  • Brittany Bowen, Chicod School
  • Chuck Branch, Chicod School
  • Julian Carter, CM Eppes Middle School
  • Lakeshia Clemmons, Early College High School
  • Lidelle Corey, Chicod School
  • Laurel Currie, Early College High School
  • Jessica Denton, EB Aycock Middle School
  • Lauren Griffin, Wintergreen Intermediate Elementary School
  • Laura Huber, WH Robinson Elementary School
  • Justin Jones, CM Eppes Middle School
  • Jonna Kurr-Murphy, Wellcome Middle School
  • Tiffany Leary, HB Sugg Elementary School
  • Kristine Letchworth, Wintergreen Intermediate Elementary School
  • Karen Medlin, JH Rose High School
  • Lori Moore, HB Sugg Elementary School
  • Lindsay Pahe, Eastern Elementary School
  • Mica Pierson, AG Cox Middle School
  • Jenna Ramsay, AG Cox Middle School
  • Betsy Register, Creekside Elementary School
  • Mary Robinson, South Central High School
  • Torie Smith, Lakeforest Elementary School
  • Kimberly Steed, Wintergreen Primary School
  • Christy Sutton, DH Conley High School
  • Melissa Tedder, South Greenville Elementary School
  • Sharon Wilson, South Central High School

We look forward to working with these teachers, challenging them to lead others in new ways, and seeing how they grow over the next two years.


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