What They’ll Remember

What will our students remember at the end of the year?
Will they remember all the things we taught them?
Will they remember all the skills we worked on?
Will they remember all this for the test?
Perhaps.  We hope.
Will they remember the events of the Civil War?
Will they remember what causes the seasons?
Will they remember how to find “x”?
Maybe.  But…

What will our students remember long after testing is done?
They’ll remember the patient way you explained a difficult concept
And how their frustration turned to pride when they found success.
They’ll remember your hugs and consoling words
When their life crumbled around them
And how your comforting presence made them feel just a little less alone.
They’ll remember the care with which you listened, truly listened
Like they were the most important person in the world.
They’ll remember every kind word, every encouragement, every smile
And the safe place you created in their chaotic life.

And one day, years and years from now
A grown man or woman will approach you with young child in tow,
And they will tell you what they remember.
And through tear-stained eyes you will see their young one
And truly understand that your work is as timeless as stars.
The lessons you taught will burn brightly.
They will be passed on and on
For generations to come.

What will our students remember for years to come?
They’ll remember that you cared.

One day you will take down your pictures, your mementos
And with one last sweeping glance of the room
You will turn off the lights and turn in your keys.
You will walk the hallway one last time
Seeing every child’s reflection in the windows.
Long after the echoes from your footsteps fade
As long as memory endures, the lessons live on.
Your work is immortal.



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  1. This post needs a love button. So eloquent and so true. Just what we all need to hear and remember this time of year. Thank you!

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