A (Love) Letter to My Daughters’ Preschool Teacher

“When you believe in the potential of others, see the tree and not just the seedling, you help them see more clearly what they are capable of, engage their strengths and talents that may lay dormant, and ultimately become the people they want to be.” — Todd Davis

A letter to my daughters’ preschool teacher —

On this week where we appreciate and honor teachers, I want to tell you, in particular, thank you.

Thank you for seeing my children’s potential and waking it up.  You didn’t accept the excuse that they were only little; you saw that truth as a challenge.  You didn’t let the fact that they were four and five get in their way.  Instead, you harnessed the inherent curiosity of four and five year olds and made it work.  They built the seven wonders of the world out of Legos, and they didn’t even know they were learning.  But they were, oh they were!

Thank you for teaching them to be people.  You set a model for them in how to treat each other, how to be citizens of a community, how to help themselves be self-sufficient and how to help their classmates grow as people.  Your class motto was “Have courage and be kind”, and you taught them how to live it.

Thank you for growing and nurturing a love of reading and the power and beauty of the written word.  When you read Charlotte’s Web to them, my children came home bubbling over with love for a spider and a pig and the book where they lived.  You helped them choose books from your classroom library to love and read them to them and with them.  They’re lovers of books today, and a lot of that started with you.

Thank you for honoring their individuality and teaching them that their uniqueness should be celebrated.  You encouraged my oldest to express her natural creative flair and inherent silliness, and you celebrated my younger child’s love of drawing and writing.  You made my children feel special, not just for what they did, but for who they were.

Thank you for helping them become who they are.  My daughters entered ‘real’ school ready for the challenge, whole in their hearts, and on their way to becoming the people they want to be.  You helped set them on that path, and so – thank you.  You always saw the tree, from day one.  Thank you doesn’t seem like quite enough for that, but thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thank you Ms. Bekah!

Love, Elizabeth

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  1. This is precious! The earliest grade teachers often get left out, but I agree are so integral in growing learners and good human beings! So sweet, thanks for sharing!

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