Pulling the KeyBT, TLI, and Career Paths Together

Over the past several weeks we have been exploring the career pathway options for teachers within Pitt County Schools that will be available in the coming years.  The long-term goal in offering these pathways is to help provide opportunities for teachers to expand their influence and increase their income while remaining in the classroom working with students.  It is our experience – and this is backed up by research – that many teachers (in our opinion, it is too many teachers) leave the classroom because they feel they have “maxed out” their opportunities, and they feel the only way to expand their influence and/or increase their income is to become an instructional coach or an administrator.  While both of these positions and roles are worthwhile and needed in a school, it is our belief that individuals should choose to pursue them because they feel called and equipped to fulfill those responsibilities (ie, working with adults to improve their practice as an IC or leading an organization as an administrator), not because they feel they have no other choices.

So in the table below we summarize the key components of the elements we have discussed so far.  Here you can be reminded of the key concepts in the KeyBT and TLI programs, and you can also see the some of the specific qualifications, responsibilities, and rewards of the various career pathway positions (FT, MCT, CT, and Co-T).

Please note: “PT” = “Professional Teacher”

Role Qualifications Responsibilities Rewards
Key BT ·  Initial Teacher License

·  Nomination by Peers

·  Approval of Principal

·  Apply leadership concepts with other BTs

·  Facilitate the implementation of in-house training with BTs from the R3 training

·  State Salary Schedule & PCS Supplement
TLI ·  Continuing Teaching License

·  Approval of Principal

·  Develop dispositions, capabilities, and identity of a leader

·  Lead a Capstone Project

·  PT + $4,800 (over two years)

·  NBPTS fees

FT ·  One level of additional certification

·  Accomplished on NCEES Standards

·  +1 in EVAAS

·  Demonstrated leadership of adults

·  Recommendation of principal

·  Lead a Collaborative Teaching Community with a Collaborative Action Research Project to address performance need

·  Provide in-house training for team based on R3 training

·  PT+ 15%
MCT ·  Two levels of additional certification (NBPTS, Masters, TLI)

·  Accomplished on NCEES Standards

·  +2 (Blue) in EVAAS

·  Demonstrated leadership of adults

·  Recommendation of principal

·  Co-Teach in Multiple Classrooms

·  Lead implementation of instructional models based on data informed performance needs

·  Teach an increased number of students as the lead classroom teacher of record with co-teaching classes

·  Provide in-house training for team based on R3 training

·  Lead Teacher + 15%
CT ·  Teaching License


·  Works with the Facilitating Teacher to complete the Collaborative Action Research Project ·  PT + $1,200
Co-T ·  Teaching License


·  Apprentices under a Multi-Classroom Teacher for part of each day ·  Training & an optional internal certification

It is important to note that all teachers, regardless of the path they are on, will teach full-time in the classroom.  Pitt County Schools has a fully functioning Instructional Coach (IC) program that has been in place for six years, and the Teacher Career Pathways Program is designed to complement, not compete against or replace, the IC program. Beginning, Professional, Facilitating, Multi-Classroom, Collaborating, and Co-Teachers will be full-time classroom teachers, working directly with students in classroom instruction for a minimum of 70% of the day.  In contrast, PCS Instructional Coaches spend 100% of their time working directly with and supporting adults.

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